The Prosthetic Procedure and the use of the products of the LEONE Implant System described in the following pages are intended for Professionals experienced in dental implant techniques.
In case of lack of basic notions, we suggest to attend specific courses in order to reach a high level of knowledge and practice in the use of implants. The rules on the use of the products described below represent a group of standard instructions that must be adjusted to the single needs and to the particular situations that may occur according to the manual ability, to the experience and to the diagnosis made by the legally qualified medical operator. It is not ascribed to the manufacturer the duty of monitoring the procedures of use of the product. A correct and appropriate use of the instruments and products related to the LEONE Implant System shall completely be reverted to the clinician.
The prosthetic procedure hereunder described is merely indicative as any single treatment case is assigned to the experience of the operator. As every medical operator well knows, a correct procedure and a perfect manufacture of the prosthesis may sometimes be followed by not satisfactory results owing to particular situations not imputable to responsibility of the dental operator or the manufacturer.


The prosthetic procedure of the LEONE Implant System is similar to that used for the natural teeth.

For the preparation of the abutment and the realization of the definitive prosthesis on implants is possible to follow a “Direct Technique” or an “Indirect Technique.”

The Direct Technique consists in the placement of the abutment directly in the mouth of the patient and in its preparation in situ.
The impression taking and the preparation of the prosthesis follow the same method used for the abutments of natural teeth.

The Indirect Technique consists in the impression taking with the placement of the transfer inside the implants to reproduce on the cast the exact position. Both impression and transfer are sent to the dental laboratory where the abutments, the definitive prosthesis or the temporary prosthesis (if the clinician decides to favour a further conditioning of the soft tissues and for the application of a progressive load) are manufactured.

CAUTION: in case of corrections of notable problems of lack of parallelism among implants and whenever the use of special abutments is required, the use of the indirect technique is recommended.

For the fabrication of provisional prosthesis, temporary abutments are available.
For every implant platform (Standard, Large and Slim) various types of abutments are available: cylinder and/or for the correction of possible lack of parallelism.
For Standard platform straight or angled anatomical abutments are available.
For the manufacture of removable prosthesis, ball head abutments for overdenture and abutments for screw-retained prosthesis suitable for bar-retained overdenture are available.
For the realisation of screw-retained prosthesis, specific abutments are available.
For selecting the most appropriate abutment for the specific case two kits of try-in abutments are available: one for the anatomical LEONE 360° abutments, one for all the other LEONE abutments.

CAUTION: the patient should be informed about the precautions for the period after installation of the implant restoration in order to prevent complications and variations in the efficiency of the device: a good level of oral hygiene and periodical check-ups should be performed.