monoimplantaty obr2Leone monoimplants for O-ring overdenture are made of medical grade 5 titanium.
Self-tapping shaped, with thread in accordance with ISO standard and designed to obtain an excellent primary stability.
The body of Leone monoimplant for O-ring overdenture is treated with a sandblasting process producing a roughness Ra = 1 μm purposely designed to ensure a rapid osteointegration.
The smooth, transmucosal tapered neck enhances gingival healing.

monoimplantaty obr1

Leone monoimplants for O-ring overdenture are available:

  • 2.7 mm in diameter
  • with endosseous portion in four lengths: 10 mm - 12 mm - 14 mm - 16 mm
  • in two gingival heights: 3 mm - 5 mm

The micro housing is made of medical grade 5 titanium as well. Outer diameter of 4,2 mm, height: 2,8 mm

The package includes a spacer ring for monoimplants to facilitate the correct incorporation of the micro housing with O-ring into the removable denture. The spacer ring can also be used for the incorporation of the housing with O-ring into the denture when used in combination with monoimplants.

Only a few instruments are necessary for the placement of the Leone monoimplants, the complete range is illustrated in the following pages.

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